AuthPay lands $450k pre-seed funding from SCOPE VC, groundbreaking deal.

March 14, 2024
1 min read


  • AuthPay, a promising FinTech startup, has secured $450k in pre-seed funding led by SCOPE VC
  • AuthPay aims to provide secure payment solutions using advanced technology and a smart wallet

In a groundbreaking move for the FinTech industry, AuthPay has successfully secured $450k in pre-seed funding led by SCOPE VC. This funding will enable AuthPay to propel its growth ambitions and leverage cutting-edge technologies within the sector. Established in July 2020, AuthPay is dedicated to providing secure payment solutions for businesses globally. By offering a smart wallet that maximizes rewards for every purchase, AuthPay sets itself apart in the industry. In addition, AuthPay employs a patent-pending AI technology that recommends the best card based on merchant type, location, and loyalty programs, enhancing the overall customer experience.

SCOPE VC is a prestigious investor known for its strategic support to innovative startups, making them the ideal partner for AuthPay’s growth journey. This recent financial injection will enable AuthPay to streamline transaction processing, enhance security measures, and deliver seamless payment experiences to its customers. With this funding round, AuthPay is poised to make a significant impact in the FinTech industry and set new standards for secure payment solutions.

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