Cartoon: Thawing – Where Fintech Flourishes

January 22, 2024
1 min read

In the cartoon, titled “Thawing” by Iantoons, the author depicts the growing optimism in the crypto world as the prospect of the end of the “crypto winter” becomes a reality. The cartoon suggests that many crypto projects and investment funds have hibernated over the past year, waiting for the retail market to revive. The recent approval of 11 companies by the SEC to offer spot Bitcoin ETFs has fueled hope that non-crypto holders will start to join the crypto party. The cartoon also highlights other factors contributing to the positive sentiment in the crypto industry, such as the upcoming Bitcoin halving, institutional interest in real-world asset tokenization, and the resurgence of Web3 gaming. However, there is a counter-narrative that suggests the industry is hyping itself up in the hope of gaining the attention of the disinterested majority. The cartoon concludes by suggesting that macro events, such as inflation and interest rate changes, are more likely to trigger a broader revival of higher risk assets, rather than the crypto industry itself.

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