Discover fintech and the value of political science in fintech.

January 15, 2024
1 min read

The article discusses the author’s experience transitioning from a degree in History and Politics to a job in fintech. The author believes that humanities and social sciences degrees can provide valuable skills for the fintech industry, despite the perception that they may not be useful in a technology-driven world. The author describes their internship experience at a fintech company, where they were given trust and opportunities to learn from day one. They highlight the similarities between project management and political science, emphasizing the importance of an evidence-based mindset and clear communication in both areas. The author also discusses the transferable skills they gained from their humanities degree, including the ability to see different perspectives, justify their own arguments, and effectively communicate complex concepts. They argue that humanities degrees can bring real benefit to technical organizations by ensuring that their capabilities can be understood by a broad range of audiences. The author encourages young people to explore unconventional career paths and not undervalue their transferable skills.

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