Flagright and Mistertango merge for top-notch banking security.

March 18, 2024
1 min read


  • Flagright and Mistertango have partnered to enhance banking security.
  • This collaboration aims to revolutionize security standards in the financial sector.

Flagright, a leader in AI-native AML compliance and fraud prevention solutions, has joined forces with Mistertango, a provider of innovative international business and private banking services. This partnership seeks to elevate the trust and safety of financial operations for businesses and individual clients. Mistertango offers tailored banking solutions prioritizing security and reliability, while Flagright brings advanced AI technology and a no-code platform for seamless compliance integration.

The collaboration between Flagright and Mistertango underscores their commitment to secure, efficient, and innovative financial services. By setting new standards in banking security, the partnership aims to enhance clients’ peace of mind and safeguard their financial well-being against evolving threats in the financial landscape.

Mistertango CEO, Audrius Ramanauskas, expressed excitement about the collaboration, highlighting the enhancement of secure banking services. Flagright CEO, Baran Ozkan, echoed this sentiment and emphasized the partnership’s goal of driving innovation and security in the financial industry.

This partnership is a promising step towards transforming banking security and ensuring the protection of clients’ assets and transactions in an ever-changing financial environment.

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