Hot and happening: Erie Council’s Finance Meeting got fiery

January 26, 2024
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– Erie County Council held a heated finance meeting to discuss a number of ordinances.
– Two ordinances receiving attention were $1.5 million potentially going to the DEI Commission and $1 million going to Erie County Care Management for upgrades to the Homeless Project.

The Erie County Council held a finance meeting to discuss various ordinances, with two in particular receiving significant attention. One of these ordinances was the allocation of $1.5 million to the DEI Commission, while the other involved providing $1 million to Erie County Care Management for upgrades to the Homeless Project.

Councilman Andre Horton, a Democrat, argued in favor of both organizations receiving the funding, highlighting the vulnerability of these populations and the importance of providing human services in the county. With a 5-2 Democratic majority on the Council, Horton expressed optimism that they would have the necessary votes to allocate the funds.

However, the Davis administration raised concerns about giving more funding to the DEI Commission, as they have already received substantial amounts in the past. The administration fears that providing further funding could create a burden on taxpayers, especially considering a recent tax increase. Chris Carroll, Erie County Public Information Officer, stated the intention to be cautious with taxpayer dollars and not simply send funds to an organization that had not effectively utilized its previous funding.

While the administration acknowledged the importance of addressing homelessness, they have not yet engaged in discussions with Erie County Care Management regarding the proposed funding. Carroll emphasized the need for readiness and a clear plan from the organization before allocating the funds.

The finance meeting sparked heated debates between council members and the administration, illustrating the conflicting viewpoints on how to best allocate funding for various projects. The final decisions on the ordinances and funding allocations have not been made at this time.

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