Money Support Griffin’s UK Bank Launch with tell.gateway Integration.

March 13, 2024
1 min read

TLDR: Tell Money Supports Griffin’s Launch as a Fully Operational UK Bank

Key Points:

  • Tell Money to play crucial role in Griffin Bank’s launch and growth
  • Griffin Bank to utilize tell.gateway service for compliance and open banking capabilities

In a recent announcement, Tell Money, a leading fintech open banking provider, will be supporting Griffin Bank, a new UK bank, with its launch and growth. Griffin Bank, established to help companies build and launch financial products, has secured $24 million in funding and obtained a full banking license. will provide essential compliance and open banking capabilities to Griffin through its state-of-the-art tell.gateway service, enabling innovation and growth in the dynamic fintech landscape. plays a crucial role in ensuring Griffin’s adherence to PSD2 legislation, which mandates secure and standardized access to financial data for third-party providers. With tell.gateway, Griffin can seamlessly integrate PSD2-compliant APIs into any account provider, enabling Third Party Providers (TPPs) to enhance the user experience and functionality of their platform. David Monty, CEO of, expressed excitement about collaborating with Griffin and empowering them with open banking compliance, seamless integration, and operational support.

As a key player in the open ecosystem,’s collaboration with Griffin highlights its commitment to customer-centric open banking and innovation in the fintech industry. By leveraging tell.gateway and strategic partnerships, Griffin can focus on driving innovation and delivering exceptional solutions for its clients in the BaaS market.

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