Mooresville couple’s account looted by cunning bank fraud scheme.

January 20, 2024
1 min read


A couple in Iredell County, North Carolina, discovered that money had been fraudulently withdrawn from their bank account. The withdrawals were made through Western Union money grams, a service the couple claimed they never used. The couple alerted their bank and the Iredell County Sheriff’s Office, who are currently investigating the case. It is unclear how the scammers were able to withdraw the money, but the couple warns others to be proactive in protecting their personal information and advises against answering calls or texts from unfamiliar numbers.

The Iredell County Sheriff’s Office stated that recovering funds in cases like these is difficult, especially if the money has left the country or has been used to purchase gift cards. They have issued warrants for individuals involved in the case, some of whom are located outside the country.

The sheriff’s office has been actively educating the community about financial crimes and security measures to prevent fraud. They have held seminars for over 400 church congregations and encouraged the community to reach out to them with any concerns or questions.

The couple who were victims of the fraud expressed concern for others who may not have the resources to recover the stolen money. They emphasized the importance of spreading awareness about scams to prevent others from falling victim to similar crimes.

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