Poly power couple: 2 loves, 1 home, $155K brings sweet victory

January 29, 2024
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A woman in a polyamorous relationship with her husband and boyfriend explains how combining their incomes has allowed them to afford a house. They have two checking accounts and split their bills unevenly, but pooling their resources has made homeownership a possibility. The author discusses the financial arrangements and responsibilities within their “vee” arrangement and highlights the importance of fairness in dividing expenses. The article ends by emphasizing the financial benefits of sharing resources and supporting loved ones.

Author Jennifer Martin, who is in a polyamorous relationship with her husband and boyfriend, discusses how combining their incomes has made homeownership possible for them. Despite facing the financial challenges common among millennials, such as student loans and stagnant wages, Martin finds that being polyamorous has provided her with financial stability.

Martin and her husband decided to try polyamory in 2015 and eventually formed a “vee” relationship with her boyfriend, Ty. They all live together and have two checking accounts. While Martin and her husband have a joint account, Ty has his own separate account. However, Martin and Ty have joint credit cards and a savings account to establish financial attachment in case of legal issues surrounding polyamory.

The three partners divide their expenses in a way that is fair but not necessarily equal. They split the rent, with Martin and her husband paying $837 and Ty paying $700. Martin and her husband cover the cellphone bill and groceries, while Ty pays for utilities and WiFi. They contribute individually to healthcare costs, the children’s needs, and gifts.

As they embark on the journey of buying a home together, Martin notes that her income as a freelancer is too recent to be included on the mortgage application. However, she emphasizes that putting her husband and boyfriend on the loan is a way to ensure legal and financial connection.

Martin concludes the article by discussing the financial benefits of sharing resources among loved ones, whether in a romantic relationship or not. She highlights the importance of fairness and open communication in dividing expenses and supporting each other financially.

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