2 face charges for breaking Campaign Finance rules.

February 22, 2024
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Article Summary


Key Points:

  • Attorney General Dana Nessel charging two Republican fundraisers with violating the Campaign Finance Act.
  • Charges related to fundraising for the Unlock Michigan Ballot Proposal committee through nonprofit organizations.

In a recent development, Attorney General Dana Nessel has brought charges against two longtime Republican fundraisers, Heather Lombardini and Sandy Baxter. The charges stem from their involvement in raising funds for the Unlock Michigan Ballot Proposal committee using nonprofit organizations. The proposal aimed to limit Gov. Whitmer’s emergency powers during the pandemic, and Nessel alleges that this fundraising strategy was an attempt to circumvent campaign finance disclosure rules.

Nessel expressed concerns about the current state of the campaign finance system, highlighting that 501(c4) organizations were not intended to be used as channels for political figures to receive undisclosed funds. Lombardini faces one felony and multiple misdemeanors charges, while Baxter has been charged with perjury during her testimony, which could lead to a prison sentence of up to 15 years.

This case sheds light on the loopholes in campaign finance regulations and the misuse of nonprofit entities for political gain. Nessel’s actions underscore the need for transparency and accountability in fundraising activities, emphasizing the need for reform in the current system.

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