Ukraine’s economy stabilizes, but Western firms struggle to exit Russia.

February 23, 2024
1 min read

Article Summary


  • Ukraine’s economy has stabilised two years after Russia’s invasion.
  • Western finance firms are facing challenges in exiting Russia.

Two years after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the impact is still being felt by global finance firms. Many are struggling to disentangle their businesses from the region, facing challenges such as sanctions, new regulations, and concerns about ESG and crypto sectors. The outlook for international finance giants in Russia remains uncertain as the country continues to face multiple challenges.

Despite the stabilisation of Ukraine’s economy, the fallout from decisions made by companies following the invasion is still evident. Western finance firms are finding it tricky to exit Russia, with the situation remaining on a knife-edge. The ongoing financial war in the region is causing concerns for companies as they navigate through the complexities of the current landscape.

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